Holiday Market Report, w1-w2

Well folks, I hate to say it - but I was right. This Holiday Market season is flat amazing.

In 2020, the market vendors sold a combined $361,497 in sales. That was darn good, considering how lousy of a year it had been. We were grateful for the strong community support.

In 2019, the entirety of Holiday Market (all three weekends) reported $491,435 in sales. That was as close to a half-million as we’ve ever seen – what a great year!

With only two weekends recorded, Holiday Market 2021 has posted vendor sales of $469,922! Wowzers – we have almost done in two weekends what has taken three in the past. It’s all but certain we will break the half-million threshold this year, and might even stretch towards $600k. Very, very impressive!

Thanks to all who has participate in this recovery year - it’s very satisfying to see strong results, and a solid ending to a very hard-effort season. We’re already planning 2022, and look forward to our Spring return after the Winter Break. My hat off to everyone who pushed hard to make 2021 the Year of the Recovery.

A quick reminder that Holiday Market 2022 Early Bird Registration is currently active, but will end soon – you have until Sunday to confirm your same Holiday Market spot for next year. You must register online to Early Bird; we will not be accepting cash/checks onsite, as this has led to confusion/problems in the past.

Those who do not Early Bird can participate in the 2022 Open Registration starting in July, but you will not be guaranteed the registration rates nor will your current spot be assured. And once space runs out, it’s done – if you plan to return to Holiday Market 2022, I suggest you register now so that you maintain your presence. If you are unsure, then wait. This is simply a reminder that the deadline is approaching.


I can’t sign up to reserve my space for next year! My old email account is gone and it will not take my new Signupgenius account! All is lost! What should I do?
Jack Pickett

Well, we need to have your current contact info - so email the Help Desk and update your info with us and that can be easily fixed.