III. B. 5. Late Registrations/Walk-Up Vendors

[Update: this post has been modified to reflect ability for walk-up vendors at River Market, and further moved into the Vendor Handbook section]

With COVID restrictions now dropped, we will begin accepting late registrations/walk-up vendors at the Chattanooga, River, and Erlanger Markets. Several key points to consider:

  • Space may not be available for walk-ups; if the venue is at capacity, you won’t be able to setup.
  • No walk-ups are allowed during our multi-day events, including Opening Weekend, Oktoberfest, and Christmas/Holiday Markets.
  • Space will be assessed, and your booth locations assigned, after the registered vendors have time to arrive/setup. In many instances, you are going to need to wait to see what’s available.
  • For the Chattanooga Market, walk-ups are almost certain to be placed outside the pavilion.
  • All walk-up set up fees will be collected before the beginning of the event. You will no longer be permitted to set up before you pay the set up fee.

Finally, the walk-up rates are $5 more than normal registration rates. It’s easier on everyone when we can plan for your arrival in advance, so do signup early and save a few bucks!