IV. A. 2. Dispute Resolution

With a vendor population of several hundred weekly, and thousands annually, it’s not surprising that some disagreements between vendors can occur from time to time. And as the summer temperatures rise, patience seems to decline at an even faster rate. When disputes do arise, we are now implementing the following resolution paths:

Minor Disagreements

  • If you have a minor disagreement over a booth location, electrical outlet, or some other market-related issue, come speak with us. We are always onsite to help resolve these types of issues, if you are unable to work things out on your own.
  • Time and a cool air-conditioner often softens emotions that emerge from the sweltering heat; we’ve found a 48-hour cool-down rule to be a good technique for deciding if something is worth forgiving and forgetting, or truly worth pursuing.

Issues involving Property Damage, Theft, or Injury

  • Substantial complaints involving theft, property damage, injury, or potentially criminal activity will be referred to the Chattanooga Police Department.
  • You are encouraged to contact us, and we will facilitate the introduction to an officer who can assist you in filing a formal police report.
  • Upon the judicial review of the filed complaint, we may take administrative action based on our published Vendor Code of Conduct.

Our role is to manage markets, not to replace our judicial/court system. All serious matters will be promptly referred to the local authorities for resolution. In all cases, any vendor(s) who publicly disrupt(s) the customer experience during an active market/event will be required to immediately leave the premises without refund.